Beautiful Vintage Women

Please send your pics so you can be honored here on the Fity Fity Fifty Beautiful Vintage Women Wall of Fame!

Ynes G Age 53
Sister, Mother, Grandma, Artist
Lisa B. Age 53
Mom, Wife, Healthcare Worker, Baker
Margaret S Age 53
Mom, Girlfriend, Happy, Loves Life, No Worries, Down to Earth
Debbie H Age 49
Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Friend,Teaching-Assistant. She love’s watching her amazing boys grow into amazing men, rides horses, and can shoot a gun like Annie Oakley!
Maria C. Age 53
Mom, Loyal Friend, Post-partum Nurse,
Beautifully Ambitious
Kathleen H. Age 53
Friend, Artist, Mermaid, Soul Sister
“I’m not just a pretty face, I ride a Harley too!”
Jennifer C. Age 53
Wife, Mom, Grandmother, Physical Therapist Assistant, Home Decor Expert,
and Worlds Best Tambourine Player